Oh my goodness

There’s a lot of pretentious and boring crap out there. I’ve been surfing websites in preparation for a photo course I’m teaching (more about this if I get the gig on a permanent basis) and I’m telling you that having unlimited bandwidth to post photos doesn’t mean they’re any good.

Here are a couple of links to sites that I liked:



When it comes to the 87-great-photography blog site, I’m just getting into it. One link leads to another and leads to another and the next thing I know a couple of hours have gone by.

As for sites I didn’t like. Well….there are lots of amateurs who are willing to post every snapshot they’ve ever taken. You know the sites on Flickr where it says do you want to view the images as a slide show? Oh yes there are 1,200 images!!!! NO!!

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m not a high-art photographer. I wish I was and I am working on my composite, subject matter and exposure control (aside from all that I’m pretty good). But, my background was in news photography. You know the old “F8 and be there” school of photography. Give me anything that records an image (film or digital) and I’ll bring back a picture worth printing. I ‘ve even won an award or two for my work (way back when in another life in a galaxy far, far away) but fine art eludes me. I’ve almost never taken a photo that I wasn’t paid for first.

Having said that. I do know what separates a good photo from a great one. In order of importance it’s subject matter, composition and exposure. After all, we are dealing with a medium that’s all about capturing light.

I rest my case on the work of a local Toronto area woman who was exhibiting at the Toronto Art Show (at city hall in the summer. It’s a great show. Lots of good photographers.). Her camera was a homemade pinhole camera. Her photos of landscapes were moody, mysterious and well worth the price she was asking. Made me feel a little sheepish walking around with my modern digital camera.