Blogs and stuff

I’ve created a special photography reader in my Google program. Now I’ve got a couple of dozen photo sites being downloaded daily to my reader for my leisurely perusal. This is a great way to keep in touch with what’s new in photography without having it disrupt the daily flow of work (and email). By using a separate reader, I’m much less tempted to stop what I am doing to check what’s new.


Oh my goodness – Part 2

There’s a ton of great audio and video podcasts on the Internet that have to do with photography. I’ve been watching and listening to hours and hours of expert advise offered freely by some great working professionals. Down the road I’ll post a list of my favourites but for now here’s one that can keep you busy for days.

This is the link to the Pro Photo website:

Check out the videos under the “broadcast” tab and be prepared to be educated.

Saturday workshops

I’m teaching two photography workshops at Henry’s Cameras main store in downtown Toronto on Saturday. Sound like we may have some heavy weather coming in so I would encourage any of you who are attending to make appropriate plans to attend. The workshops are on the Nikon D-80 camera (which is a real sweetheart camera in my opinion) and on Exposure Basics (which I love to teach).

Our students learn so much in three hours. I can safely say that when they leave, they are better photographers.