Which camera?

As you may know I teach photography for Henry’s Camera’s School of Imaging (available here in Ontario, Canada) and it amazes me the complicated cameras that some people buy. Fortunately, we can teach people how to use their cameras but honestly some folks do buy cameras that might not suit them.

For example, I often carry an inexpensive six-megapixel point and shoot camera (FujiFilm F-30) and I get great photos using it. Okay maybe the shots aren’t as fabulous as the images I can capture with my Nikon D-300 (amazing camera) but the F-30 fits in my pocket and the D-300 weighs a ton by the end of the day.

Let’s get one thing straight. A six-megapixel camera can capture great images. I grant you that the image can’t be blown up much bigger than 8″ X 10″ or 11″ X 14″ but 99.9 per cent of photos are never blown up larger than this.

The point and shoot’s sensor is smaller (much smaller) than the D-300 (or D-40 which is also a six-megapixel camera which I like a lot) but it’s big enough to make you proud of your photos.

So why buy a big and expensive digital camera? Well if it’s your hobby or art, then you will want a big camera to capture the best possible images. Same thing if you’re going on the trip of a lifetime to Africa and you want to take photos of animals using long telephoto lenses. But if you’re going down south to the islands a point and shoot might make more sense for taking photos on the beach or onboard the cruise ship.



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