BIG Printers

I’m considering buying a large-format printer. Don’t know yet whether I’ve got the guts to buy a printer that will print on 17″ wide paper or limit (Can you hear the thinking going on here? As I’d be limiting myself if I went smaller.) got one that printed on 13″ media. The two contenders are the Epson 2880 (at 17″ and $800) or the Epson 3800 (at 19″ and $1200). Canon and HP also make fabulous printers in these sizes but I think I’m going the Epson route this time out. Currently I’m printing on an HP 5180 printer that has a second photo paper feeder dedicated to 4X6 prints. The smaller dedicated drawer means I can easily bang off hundreds of small prints for proofing before I pick one or two for printing in larger sizes.

Now one of the arguments is do I “need” a larger printer? And, my response is that “need” doesn’t even come into the equation. Want is the operative word.

What will a large format printer do for me? I will be able to print museum-quality artwork suitable for selling and display.

Final argument in favour of large printers is the bigger Epson uses larger capacity inks so over time (the thinking goes) the larger printer will save money. (I’ll forgive you if you’re laughing uproariously right now.)

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