Another Art in the Park Experience

Mike Whillems, who is a fellow teacher for Henry’s School of Imaging, myself and our wives went for a leisurely stroll through the “art in the park” held yesterday in Bronte down by the harbour. I guess there would have been about 100 exhibitors of which 10 per cent or so were photographers. I think Michael will agree with me when I say of the 10, two were really pretty good, two were more than okay and the others spiralled down to pretty awful.



Marion, Michael, Nancy and me (well sort of)

So what made the best, better than the rest?

Here’s the list:

  • perfect exposures resulting in deep colours
  • interesting subjects
  • really well composed in the camera
  • understanding of the basic rules of composition
  • well displayed
  • friendly and talkative photographer

What made the second tier so good:

  • well exposed images often resulting in deep colours
  • usually interesting subjects
  • composure often could be better
  • seems to know some of the basic rules of composition
  • well displayed
  • friendly and talkative photographer

So why were the rest not as good?

  • poorly exposed images resulting in muted colours or even colour casts
  • uninteresting subjects (shots around the home don’t cut it)
  • poorly composed photos that looked more like snapshots
  • no rules of composition present
  • not as well displayed
  • sullen or indifferent “artist”

We reached a couple of conclusions I think.

First: It’s not enough to be a “good” artist. You need to be a good marketer. A “good” marketer can outsell a “good” photographer.

Second: All you really need is $100 for the booth, a covered display tent, a camera (type and size of no importance whatsoever) and some photos on display.

Third: Talent helps but isn’t essential.

My favourite photographer doesn’t appear to even have a website! My guess is he shoots weddings for money and shoots landscapes for fun. He’s using a full-frame 35mm digital SLR and his images are fabulous. The really nice thing is he’s about my age (60 soon). Made me feel really good.

Finally to Droum East Photography’s Gillian Horgan, who was my number two choice (very subjective and presumptuous on my part and number two not by much more than a blink of the eye) please please add more of your wonderful photos to your website. You are a gifted photographer and more people need to see your work. Both Michael and I agreed that Gillian’s work is terrific. There is something very special about the way she sees and shoots. I would wish that I was so blessed with talent.


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