Well I did it! I got an SB-900 flash and it’s cool!! Here’s a link to Nikon’s site:

The recycle time is very very quick. So far, (and yes I’m reading my manual) it’s working just fine. My exposures are right on and the unit while a little bigger than my old SB-28 (yes I still own one of these workhorses) it’s not as big as my old Metz 402 it’s got just about (if not more) power.

I like that it comes with filters and can work remotely off the camera. And as any of you know who have been in one of my classes at Henry’s School of Imaging know, I’m very big on not using the built in flash but getting a BIG (you can’t have too much light) and mounting it off the camera or at least bouncing the light off the ceiling.

Yes it’s pricey but it’s a lifetime investment. I won’t be throwing out my SB-28 (I can use it as a second flash either on the camera with the SB-900 working in remote mode or tether it to the camera through an extension cord) anytime soon.


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