Ethics Revisited

You can tell when I get a bug up my nose. This time it’s that ethics in photography issue.

Let’s look at this way. Where is the ethics in digging a latreen?  You dig a latreen so that you have somewhere to poop. It’s that simple. There’s no ethics in this activity. I put it to you it’s the same in photography. The act of recording an image has no ethics involved. You record images because…why? You enjoy it? It’s your job? You’ve got something to say (ah now we maybe heading into ethics territory)?

Now you can dig a great latreen or a crappy one (sorry about that). You can dig one that works or one where you fall in. That’s poor workmanship and has nothing to do with ethics.

Ethics are involved with what’s right and wrong and goes beyond that to include what’s considered for the good of the community and can include what’s good for all of humanity.

This is way too great a burden to place on the simple recording of an image.

Does the creation of art involve ethics?

Now, if you have another agenda that involves your own view of morality that’s a different issue.


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