The power of the image

I see a lot of photos everyday thanks to Google Reader. I also read a couple of newspapers daily. Today in The Globe and Mail is a news photo from 19 years ago when Marc Lepine murdered 17 young women studying at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique. The image, illuminated by direct flash, shows four heavily armed police officers entering the building. They are in shadow and are unidentifiable except for the fact you can see their are police or soldiers.

This image freezes time and brings us back to that horrible day so long ago.

And as I read on, two more iconic photos in The Globe and Mail:

The first taken shows soldiers of a different era. These were the boys and men of the Newfoundland Regiment of whom 90 per cent were killed over there in the First World War. The soldiers are doing their laundry. You can see the merriment in their faces. And then they were gone and all but forgotten. The second photo is of European Jewish refugees aboard the Exodus (In the film of the same name which featured a young Paul Newman) in the days before the creation of the Jewish state of Israel.

Such is the power of photography. What memories are you recording today?


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