Third Tuesday on Monday night

What strange people find their way into public relations work. Anyway I attended the Third Tuesday meetup in Toronto which took place last night (yes it was a Monday thus the strange comment) and featured social media guru Steve Rubel 2008 11 25 0742008 11 25 149. Third Tuesday is a gathering of the GTA PR types who are involved in social media and all that the Internet has to offer. Rubel has always been an evangelical when it comes to measuring the impact of social media initiatives. And, while I was busy taking photos (very dark bar and high dark ceilings) Steve said a couple of things I really liked hearing. First, he confirmed some of my own thinking that some clients just aren’t ready to jump into social media. I’ve got one who really, really wanted to be online and then had big issues when nobody showed up immediately. Of course, promoting the concept to the client’s customers was too new a concept (do I sound hurt?). And the other thought was while social media might be ideal for non-profit or charitable organizations due to the low cost there is a fairly high cost in hours. Now as for me, I’ve got four of my own independent blogs plus I write one for a client and was looking after a second client’s site for awhile. I find writing fun and easy but apparently I am somewhat alone in that outlook. Last night was great fun and I was glad to be one of the 200 (!!!) who made it in the door.

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Macro photography

One of my night school students asked about macro lenses for his D-80 Nikon,

Well! I love my Nikon 105mm f/2.8 vibration reduced $800 macro lens. It’s fabulous. It’s also expensive and really, really heavy. However, the images are superb and it makes for a great portrait lens (but you might need to soften the ultra sharp image in software).

Nikon also has a new 60mm f2.8 macro lens at roughly half the price. It’s smaller but not as good as a portrait lens.

Macro photography is great fun. You can do it anywhere just about anytime. And the images are terrific.

One tip: Buy a decent tripod as you’ll want to use long exposures to allow for sufficient depth of field.

Taken with the Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens

Taken with the Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens