NX Capture 2 video tutorials

Just bought the entire series of video tutorials for Nikon’s NX Capture 2 by Jason Odell. If you’re like me I have real problems learning from books (although Jason’s “The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX2” is essential) and these videos are fabulous.Flowers

Better yet, they’re inexpensive at $1.99 (US) each. You can buy what you need or if you’re like me and very needed blow less than $50 and the the whole set via straight forward download.

Really nice job Jason. Thanks so much. You’re making me look like an expert.


NOTE TO STUDENTS: If you’re shooting with a Nikon in RAW format, NX Capture 2 is the software I recommended and if you buy it spend a couple of extra bucks and get Jason’s book and videos. Jason will reduce your frustration level to zero and your  images will look fabulous.


How to shoot with professional models

Here’s a link that shows a professional photographer shooting with a professional model. You can learn a lot just by watching (nudity alert).


The eye’s have it

Here’s a link to a free video on how to enhance eyes in Photoshop:


For my new students: Don’t be discouraged by the complexity of this fix. This guy is doing really esoteric editing. Most of us would have been really happy just to get the red out of this girl’s eyes. Lots of software will do this much more simply than this really expert fix.

BTW this guy is using a tablet like the Wacom Bamboo which is around $125 at Henry’s here in southern Ontario.bambooFun_5

Photoshop CS4

I got my copy of Photoshop CS4 for $299 (US) instead of the regular $999. How? I bought the Wacom Bamboo tablet which had Photoshop Elements 5 included. Once I loaded Elements I got an online offer to upgrade for $299. That was a no-brainer.

But why Photoshop?

Well it was cheap and CS4 is pretty good and simple even for me.

Here’s Scott Kelby and friends on why CS4: http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/2009/archives/2871