London at night by Jason Hawkes

Mr. HDR (high definition range has some absolutely stunning photographs of London, England from the air. Check it out here:


Special HAPPEN Portrait Pricing

HAPEEN Portraits - vers1 HAPEEN Portraits - vers2 copy

I’m delighted to offer this special pricing on professional quality portraits to HAPPEN members located here in the Greater Toronto Area. Getting a professional-quality photograph for your resume can be costly. I’m offering this special pricing for a limited time only. The best news is I’m prepared to bring my portable portrait studio right to your HAPPEN meeting. Just sign up with your HAPPEN executive and when we have six or more requests for portraits I’ll attend your meeting.

If you want to come to my studio and have your portrait done here, you can book that directly with me. Unfortunately regular rates will apply.

New Year’s Resolution

The number one way to improve your photography is to shoot more. Get up off the couch and get out there. It’s minus 12 C where I live so it’s likely warmer wherever you are.

Go take a course. If you’re in Ontario, take one of the excellent photography or creative courses at Henry’s School of Imaging.

Not only do I teach at Henry’s, I’m also a student. Took Photoshop Elements Parts 1 and 2 at the downtown store and took Enhancing Landscapes (using Photoshop Elements) on Saturday in the Mississauga store.

The classes are held in a classroom and the number of participants is limited so there’s plenty of hands of learning.

Here’s the bottom line. Take some courses and save yourself weeks, even months, of frustration with your camera or software. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have taken Photoshop Elements. I can really use all the features now to my best advantage.