Save $$ on Alien Skin software

Students go on over to Alien Skin software and check out their various offerings. I was especially blown away by Bokeh. I blog about this yesterday and now I can offer you a discount on all Alien Skin software. There are 30 day trials on everything, so I’d recommend you give it a go and then send me an email at for the information on how you can save some money on your Alien Skin software.

Here’s the link to Alien Skin

BTW I’ve been playing with Bokeh and it’s dead drop simple to use and creates blurry backgrounds like those superfast, super-expensive lenses that wedding and portrait photographers use. This means you can use your kit lense and with the addition of some software, duplicate that professional look. I’ll be using Bokeh on my flower shots from Canada Blooms coming up next month starting March 18th in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre south building.


Photoshop Webinar

Creativetechs is doing a free online webinar on Photoshop. They had 1,000 participants for this class with nine more to go. This week was on the basic tools and they did a pretty good job. Not specific for photographers but all, in all, pretty good. Price was right and they were very generous with their time as the Q&A is still going 25 minutes later.

Alien Skin hits a home run with Bokeh

BokehWhen I teach my DSLR classes (at Henry’s School of Imaging) I talk about fast and slow lenses. Fast lenses are those hyper-expensive professional lenses that create a shallow depth of field so important in wedding and portrait photography. By setting the aperture of the lens wide open (f/1.4 or f/1.8) the photographer is looking to get just the subject in focus and blur out the background.

Kit lenses, which are slow (not bad or cheap just slow) open up no more that f/3.5 to f/5.6. At these apertures the lens is unable to produce the blurry background so in demand by portrait and wedding photographers.

Now a company called Alien Skin has created software which mimics the shallow depth of field affect of the $2,000 (and up…way up) lenses so treasured by professionals. This is digital magic and looks great.

For my students, who may never shoot a professionally, it’s great for sports shots of their kids. Using Bokeh they can blur out the distracting background and cause their youngsters to just pop out of the image. This is so cool that I’m betting I’m going to be out $200 pretty soon.

Welcome First Oakville Toastmasters

Hi everyone. Welcome to Peter West Photo. This is my photo blog where I offer my readers and students comments and tips about photography.

The public photos from our 2009 Charter Party are available at

Also the formal portraits are available at the same address but you will need to use your password to get into the closed gallery.

Call or email me if you have any difficulties downloading the photos from either gallery. You can just right click on any image and download one or a bunch. Also the galleries include a built-in slide show function so if you want to see the images as a slideshow that’s easy to do too.

Hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day Charter Party.

(BTW the photos won’t be available until early next week as they need some editing prior to uploading to the site.)