So Honey I bought a second SB-900

It’s a strong marriage that can support a photographic career.  SB-900

Seems I found I needed (not wanted) a second SB-900. I’ve got a couple of jobs coming up where I need (note note wanted) a second wireless flash and umbrella.

Well I was teaching in Thornhill for Henry’s Cameras and guess what? They had what I wanted. $750 or so later I’m a happy boy. The wife – not so much 🙂

The SB-900 are big industrial-duty workhorses. And, there big advantage is I can set them up to work with my Nikon D-300 in wireless mode (meaning no wires from the camera to the flash units). Best of all I can control the flash output for each unit independently from the camera.

This is a big deal and allows me to shoot business portraits either on site or in my home studio almost effortlessly. That effortlessly comes after a lot of effort to learn the ins and outs of the Creative Lighting System (CLS) that Nikon has created.

Oh yes and buy  (pun intended  the way Honey that’s the last camera think I’ll buy this year, err this month, well maybe this week and certainly this morning.


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