How to shoot hockey

  • Use a medium- or fast-speed memory card that is 8 gigs in size
  • Set the camera to manual mode
  • Turn the focusing to manual
  • Set your camera to shoot in high-speed continuous mode (3 or more frames per second)
  • Set the ISO to 800 or 1600 (depending on the amount of digital noise or grain you can tolerate)
  • Use your kit lens or better yet buy a faster longer single focal length lens like an f/1.8 85mm lens or f/2.8 105mm lens
  • If you’ve got tons of cash a f/2.8 70 to 200mm zoom is ideal
  • Use a monopod to stabilize the camera
  • Shoot through the glass if it’s clear or from above in the stands
  • Some rinks may allow you to shoot from the penalty box
  • Focus on the goal post
  • Reframe to the front of the goal crease
  • Trip the shutter whenever the players enter the view screen

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