Double Dipping – Or the great shipping rip-off

Boy was I had!

I ordered the wonderful NIK Color Efex Pro 3 complete package from Nik Software in San Diego. I had used up the 30-day free trial and I was so impressed that I shelled out for Color Efex Pro 3 to use with Nikon’s NX Capture 2 which I also highly recommend. So far, so good.

Part of the promotion that Nik is running is a $10 off the Vincent Versace training DVDs for NX Capture 2 called Unleashing the RAW Power of Capture NX2. I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time so I ordered the DVDs. So the bill shows how much I paid for the online download for Color Efex 3 plus $49.95 for the DVDs which regularly sell for $59.95. Okay. So far, so good.

On the invoice I noticed a $35.02 shipping charge. Now I know this is crap but what the heck, I’m already in for over $200 I’ll give them the $35 if they’re so desperate for cash. It costs, what $2 to send a DVD paper wrapped package by post. So let’s call the remainder a corporate bonus for Nik. Seems in keeping with the business environment south of the border. After all, I’m not a member of the U.S. Congress. So I eat the $35.02 and get on with life.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when my Vincent Versace package arrives (in two days which is tremendously fast) and the FedEx guy wants an additional $24.56 for his troubles.


Now you might be able to argue with AIG. And you might be able to bail out the American banking system but nobody wins with FedEx. I’ve had run-ins with FedEx before over brokerage charges on a $35 TV antenna which they wanted $75 to deliver. I told them then they now owned a TV antenna and hung up. Several calls later by FedEx I got my antenna for a $20 charge. Nice way to do business FedEx.

Anyway I’ve emailed Nik and requested a refund of my $35.02 as I’m pretty sure asking FedEx for $24.56 is a no go. Also, I’ve asked Nik to please use the good old American Postal Service to mail DVDs to Canada. The U.S. Post will hand the package over to the good old Canadian postal service and easily within a week I’ll get the DVDs handed to me by a special delivery guy (It’s always the same happy Jamaican dude with dreadlocks and reggae music blasting from the truck.) for ….wait for it…FREE. Yes it’s true. The postal service doesn’t ding you with a big bill. Amazing.

So the bottomline is the $49.95 DVDs ended up costing me $109.53 at the door. That’s no bargain 😦

Anyway guys let’s wait and see what Nik does and how it responds but for now I can not recommend buying Vincent Versace’s DVD set until Nik fixes this issue.


One thought on “Double Dipping – Or the great shipping rip-off

  1. Come on…. It was a simple clerical mistake that was taken care of as soon as Nik was made aware of the snafu.

    They are a first rate company that is more than fair and honest. You are doing them and me an incredible disservice with this blog entry.

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