Nik is OK

Well this is nice. Nik’s operation manager has sent me a very nice email informing me of a refund of their shipping charges of $35.02. This is a good thing.

One suggestion I offered Nik is for future shipments to Canada they avoid FedEx’s charges and duty (Can someone explain to me why items shipped by Fed Ex incur duty but items coming in via US Post don’t? Over the last couple of months I’ve bought several software DVDs, a ring flash, a remote control for my D300, a bunch of books (I mean a dozen or so) and all that came via US Post came duty and shipping charge free. Whatever happened to the Free Trade Agreement?

Now I know this isn’t Nik’s fault but like the big people they did the right thing and ate the $35.02.

And what’s this going to mean?

Well I like their software so much I’m seriously considering the purchase of their Complete filter package (at $600 it’s not cheap). Here’s what you get:

Now my only concerns is first to get the cash and then whether to get the package for Photoshop CS4 or Lightroom.

Nik goes back on the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED list. Seem like good people.


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