Epson Print Academy was wonderful

Epson Took Saturday off froJohn Paulm teaching and spent the day at the Epson Print Academy ( which came to Toronto for a full-day session. there were two rooms (one for new people to printing and one for experts) that were full with a total attendance of 300 to 400 photographers. Lots to see and to including looking at some amazing images.

Did you know that Epson printers (and I bet some others too) can create blacks that are blacker than what I could get out of a wet darkroom. This is revolutionary.

Our friends at Nik Software were there too and the young guy they had doing the demos was terrific. Check out Nik if you haven’t already. I’m more and more convinced that this is one slick set of software products for the serious digital photographer. So long as you have Capture NX, Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS3 or CS4 and Aperture for the MAC (Note: Not all the Nik products are available for Mac but the Nik rep tells me that very soon all products will work with Aperture.)

Anyway the day was great and then I saw that John Paul Caponigro  (photo left top) was going to be the main featured speaker for the afternoon. This guy is GREAT. He’s at the forefront of digital photography and it was absolutely inspirational to listen to him describe how photography has changed more in the last 10 (and maybe the last 5) years than in the last 100. Go visit his website and prepared to be inspired.

These are crazy wonderful times to be a photographer and I am deeply grateful to have returned to this great visual art.





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