Get Vincent Versace’s Capture NX2 Video

I thought I knew Capture NX2. AH! I knew nothing and I found that out this morning by watching Vincent Versace’s DVD set called Unleashing the RAW Power of Capture NX2”. This is a very thorough DVD and I think most of my Nikon students will find it invaluable IF you’re into getting better images from your photo “editing” software.

Remember during class we talked about the image browser software that you got with your camera? It opened the images you uploaded from your camera as little thumbnails that you could grade and store on your computer. Then once you had selected your best images you could use image editing software like Google’s Picasa or Photoshop Elements. Well Capture NX2 (which some of you got as a promo with your higher end Nikons) is much more powerful image editor. Now it’s not Photoshop but in some ways it’s even better. Huh?

Yup. Some of the stuff you can do in NX2 in second takes a lot more time (and training) in Photoshop.

Capture NX2 isn’t for you guys who took the basic photo course and just want to crop or brighten your images a little. But, if you’re willing to spend a day (and I do mean a day) to learn from Vincent, then you will be able to make NX2 do amazing things to your images. Here’s what I did: I watched the first video from beginning to end. And then I went for walk for an hour to clear my head. Then I watched the second video. That took another hour. That’s how much great information is on Vincent’s DVDs. Next (since I have two monitors being driven by a $400 graphic card) I opened NX2 on one monitor and ran the video on my second monitor. I did have to go into my computer and turn off all secondary programs so the DVD would run without a slight stutter caused by my lack of RAM.

Vincent has a nice easy delivery style. And he knows how to make the complex simple. And you’ll want to keep the DVD controls at hand so you can pause it often while you try the examples that Vincent shows you on your own computer. By the way, Vincent uses a Wacom digital pad. Of course his costs around $2k but you can get the same (well almost) effect using Wacom’s smaller Bamboo Fun for around $100 for the small pad or $200 for the medium size one. The Bamboo Fun comes with Photoshop Elements and Nik Color’s Efex Pro 2. All in all a good deal.

And here’s a tip to learning how to use a digital pad. Only use the pen for the first month. Don’t use the mouse unless you really really have to. In this way you’ll get comfortable faster with the digital pen and your workflow will go so much easier.

Now for all of you ordering Unleashing the RAW Power of Capture NX2 or (any other product from the US) remember to insist that the retailer send it via U.S. Post. If you don’t and they send it by UPS or FedEX you’ll get hit with an additional deliver charge and brokerage fees to the extent that the additional fees can exceed the cost of the item itself. (I’m also a federally licensed amateur radio operator and we Canadian hams learned this painful fact a long time ago. Ham radio equipment is covered under the Free Trade Act and comes across the border freely unless one of the private delivery services get their hands on it. I had a $35 TV antenna delivered from the States and UPS wanted an additional $75 in fees. I refused delivery and hung up on the UPS caller. Several calls later I settled with one of their supervisors at $20 (which was still a rip) and got my TV head (I wanted to watch the digital channels coming off the CN Tower) delivered to my door.)

You can get your digital pad and Capture NX2 at Henry’s stores across Ontario (and now in Winnipeg).


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