M4 Leica


I once owned an M4 Leica.

Mine was all in black. It was a rangefinder. I had a 28, 35, 50 and 90mm lenses. The camera had only a shutter dial, an aperture ring and changeable lenses. The film loaded from the bottom and was a pig to get right only because you had to hang onto the bottom plate. You couldn’t load a Leica fast.  It didn’t even have a light meter. I had one that fitted into the hot shoe. You had to buy your own. So what was so great about it? It was the best camera I ever owned. It was so small that half the time nobody noticed when I was shooting their picture. it was so quiet that they never heard it even in a fairly quiet room. And the images were superb. I mean it. It was the perfect camera for low light black and white photography.

Compared to today’s digital cameras which are over burdened with technology, the M4 was virtually handmade. Some say the M4 was the last of the really great Leica rangefinders and I owned one once a long time ago.

Here are some interesting links about Leica rangefinders:








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