Hot Shoe Diaries

To all my students looking to improve their small flash work…order Joe McNally’s The Hot Shoe Diaries right now! My copy just arrived (via and Canada Post) and while Joe uses Nikon flashes, the information is valuable to anyone interested in better flash work. I’ve got to get a cup of tea and read Joe’s book to calm me down after my last post (below).

BTW Joe also wrote The Moment It Clicks and I highly recommend it as well. Joe is one of the guys I want to meet in person someday and just shake his hand. He’s an amazingly great photographer.


One thought on “Hot Shoe Diaries

  1. I just started the book last night. Read about, oh, 10 pages and the had to go and get my highlighter. My wife looked at me and said “It’s like you’re reading a textbook in college.” I said “I never went to college for this…so, this is how I learn.”

    I love it already.

    Really like your blog, Peter!

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