Show us the bloody bits

I’m outraged over the outrage swirling about the publishing of photos shot by Andrea Bruce of the Washington Post that show a Kurdish girl having parts of her clitoris cut off.

I’m a former award-winning news photographer and the outrage being voiced by Tewfic El-Sawy who writes The Travel Photographer and Roy Greenslade’s blog at The Guardian newspaper in England is regrettable.  Yes the photos invade this child’s privacy but so much less so than the knife being used by the “auntie” who cut her. Look at these photos. See the trust in this child’s eyes. Look at her innocent curiosity at what’s to befall her. Now look at the pain in her face as her part of her womanhood is cut away.

And you men moan about her privacy! I say show us the bloody parts. Rub our faces in this practice. Make us ashamed to sit here commenting from the safety of our homes.

Shame on you. Shame on you both. You do your readers a great disservice.

Ms Bruce’s photos are gruesome and revolting. And, yet they are necessary. The shine a light into a very dark back alley. You gentlemen with your concerns over this girl’s privacy would throw a blanket over this barbaric practice. With any luck at all Ms Bruce should win many more awards for her work. I trust she will continue to carry her camera into places I would dare not go and show me things I would dearly love to never see.

3 thoughts on “Show us the bloody bits

  1. “I’m an award-winning news photographer, hear my decree”


    A) You’re hardly Bresson

    B) Even if you were, what gives you the authority to pronounce over all ethics.

    “I’m outraged”. Yes. Of course you are.

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