Save me the outrage

Most of the comments I’ve received around my posting “Show us the bloody bits” focus the writers’ unhappiness with my position on photos taken by a Washington Post photographer. The photos show the horror of a youngster having her clitoris removed in a back alley in Kurdish Iraq. The commentators seems more upset about the so-called violation of young Sheelan’s privacy than the mutilation of her body. The photos were taken by Andrea Bruce who IMHO should win a Pulitzer.

This is a sad commentary on where some people put their priorities.

Thank goodness there are still photojournalists out there like Ms Bruce. Here is a link to her weekly column currently being written while she is on assignment in Baghdad: and here is a link to her bio:

One thought on “Save me the outrage

  1. Wow. I don’t know what else to say. Thanks for providing the link…some of the most exceptional photojournalism I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing this. I had missed it.

    As you said earlier, gruesome and revolting. I’m just sitting here stunned. I want to now go read Ms. Bruce’s column.

    Pulitizer indeed.


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