Saving Morgan

The entire title of the Globe and Mail article is Saving Morgan: The lesson of Natasha. And it brings to mind the importance of news coverage. Sometimes the news is about the things we do and the things that happen to us that quite frankly many of us, including me, would just as soon not know about.

Case in point of course is the issue of genital mutilation of young girls and women which I have gone on about (and on and one) in earlier posts. But I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s some residual guilt of my own, but in another time in a galaxy far, far away I was first a photojournalist and later a two-way man (photography and reporting). I was very aggressive and I won some awards and had some of my photos carried in publications around the world. If in some small way I didn’t think what I was doing was important (and I did) and could change the world in some small way (and I think I was successful) then I wouldn’t have done it.

So thing brings me to the Globe and Mail article. Seems the cutest seven-year-old in Ohio was playing baseball when she got hit on the side of her head. Dad iced the bump and the swelling subsided. Two nights later as the parents were watching news reports about the death of Natasha Richards following a skiing accident head injury their daughter complained of a headache.

Morgan, that’s the seven-year-old, was rushed to hospital where following a CT scan she was immediately sent by helicopter to a children’s hospital in Cleveland where she underwent a successful craniotomy to remove an acute epidural hematoma.

And, so another seven-year-old gets another chance at growing up thanks to the publicity surrounding the tragic death of a Hollywood actress.


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