You’ve got to see this

Here’s a video on retouching photos. The trick is the photographer uses a Canon G9 $400 point and shoot and one Alien Bee light into an umbrella.

After he uses his point and shoot, the retouching takes about five hours of work in Photoshop. Worth the five-minutes to see how it’s done by the experts. Have a look around the rest of the site. It’s scary what this artist can do with a digital tablet. Of course, Vitaly Druchinin has a DVD for sale but at $149 it’s a steal.

Here’s the link:


One thought on “You’ve got to see this

  1. Wow, great video. That G9 is a splendid camera on it’s own, and may even come down in price alittle with the launch of the G10. I’m not that PS proficient, but the video certainly lends to the “it just goes to show you….” department.

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