Three things you might not know about David Ziser and one thing you do know

So let’s start with the one thing we all know about David Ziser. David is one heck of good wedding and portrait photographer. Why do we all know this? Because David shows us his excellent work everydDavid at Buffaloay on this blog at I mean everyday! Where does this guy find the time? And the content is excellent. If you’re working as professional or you want to know how to shoot better portraits or you have a wedding where you’ve been asked to take some photos, you must check this site out everyday!

So what are the three things you might now know about David?

Well if you attended one of David’s “Digital WakeUp Call Tour 2009” events like I did last night at his sold-out night in Buffalo, NY, you would agree with me on the following:

  1. David is a great teacher. He’s the energizer bunny when it comes to giving a workshop. We started promptly at 5:30pm and the action didn’t stop for a break until around 9. We stopped for 15 minutes and then David went on until around 10:20 or so. Not once did I see him drop his intensity or passion;
  2. And passionate is the second thing you might not know about David. I’ve been to other workshops where the presenters were so full of themselves that they never made a good connection with the audience. (And trust me after 15 years in Toastmasters International I know a good presenter from a pretender.) That’s not David. The enthusiasm this man brings to his profession is infectious. It’s tough to make a personal connection when you’re facing a crowd that I guessed at around 250 but David did it. Sitting in the audience, I got the distinct impression that David really, really wanted me to have more fun as a photographer and to make more money as a professional. Can’t argue with that. So what made David so good? It’s because he was more interested in me learning than in him teaching.
  3. Which brings me to the third thing you may not know about David. David is a really nice guy. I went down to the workshop with my buddy and fellow instructor Michael Willems. We got to the hotel about an hour and half early so we thought we’d check out the workshop room and then grab a little dinner. We were greeted at the door by the setup crew (David’s wife LaDawn and a couple of guys) who invited us in to see the photos they were putting up on the walls. This in comparison to the last workshop I was at where the doors were barred until it was time to enter. The crew were putting up about 50 of David’s best images which had been printed LARGE. I mean a 3’ X 4’ print was at the small end of the scale. So Michael and I had a wonderful time walking around talking about how David lit this scene or how David used a wide-angle lens for this shot when who should walk up but David Ziser. David was most gracious and charming and Michael and I walked away with a very positive first impression of David. This wasn’t a unique experience. Before the show started, David walked up and down the main aisle greeting people, shaking hands and having his photo taken. What a nice waydavid and prize-2 to warm up the crowd.  

So what’s the bottom line here? It comes down to this. If you want to take your photography to the next step check out David’s one night workshop or better yet take the David Ziser Digital Master Class. The four-and-a-half day workshop takes place at David’s workshop in Cincinnati. At $895 it’s less expensive than your next lens and the lessons will last a lifetime. And, besides, it would be very cool to hang out with such a great guy who is sincerely interested in making you a way better photographer. I tell you, I’m mighty tempted.

Thanks David and thanks LaDawn. I had a great time and even I learned lots of new stuff. (BTW David’s got a kit he can send out called The Big Picture. Check it out. I’ve not seen it so I can’t comment but knowing David I bet you’ll never regret purchasing all or part of the collection.

Oh yeah I won one of the door prizes! Thanks to Delkin Devices for donating a All in One card reader. It works really well and strangely enough I wanted one for my laptop computer so there you go. Good karma to all.


That’s David greeting folks in the photo (upper right). And did I mention prizes (photo in center). Michael Willems, my friend and fellow instructor at Henry’s School of Imaging was there too.

Michael Willems


One thought on “Three things you might not know about David Ziser and one thing you do know

  1. I just went to David’s workshop in Tucson and have to say that you nailed it. From his speaking (I have also been a Toastmaster) to his incredible images.

    The thing that helped me out the most was when he showed how to go from picture A (very nice) to picture B (stunning). I am also trying to figure out a way to get to his Mater class.

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