It doesn’t get better than this

I see a lot wedding photography on the Internet. (I’ve got Google Reader downloading 500 to 1000 sites everyday. I scan the headline and if it looks interesting I open the site up. Takes a couple of hours each day but so worthwhile from a learning and teaching perspective.) Anyway today I was wandering around online and chanced up Melissa Jill’s April 20th posting of the wedding of her clients Adam and Marie.

Folks this is first-class wedding photography. It’s not over the top. it’s not too silly. It’s not really young. It’s classy. it’s beautiful (both the images and the people). It tells a story. It’s technically perfect. Yes it’s Photoshopped in a lot of places (see the slight blurring) but this is really good Photoshop work. The images are tack sharp and the colours are balance beautifully. They don’t look like they’ve been overly manipulated.

All the images are here in a slideshow – ENJOY –

BT gentlemen: Have a peek at Melissa’s bio page. She’s real pretty and not married yet. Would that I were 30 years younger 🙂 And even better news for photographers is Melissa runs a workshop. Info here: as well as she has a newsletter and offers information about what she shoots with (Canon) and much more.

Melissa’s my kind of photographer. Pretty – just like me, intelligent -ditto, a great shooter – okay – in this class – me not so much 🙂 and very generous to new photographers.


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