Bokeh by Alien Skin

I mentioned Bokeh (sort of means fuzzy in Japanese) by the software company Alien Skin some weeks ago. I wanted to do a review but one of the guys at PhotoWalkPro blog site did such a great job I’m recommending you check out their review. Bokeh allows you to blur out the background of your photos. Now of course you can blur out backgrounds in Photoshop and many other photo editing software but Bokeh does something really special. It can create the same blur that super expensive “fast” (fast is a term for a lens which will allow a lot of light into the camera. Fast lenses when shot wide open create very beautiful out of focus blurring.) created. By blurring out the background whatever is in the foreground pops out of the picture.

This is way cool stuff. BTW there are a bunch of places where you can get a 10 per off promo code on Alien Skin software. I’ve got one and if you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll send it to you. E-mail:

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