More than just pictures

Lots of my students are looking at how they can promote their growing photography businesses. Of course, first you need to get control of your equipment and the best place to do that is at Henry’s School of Imaging here in Ontario. Second thing you need to do is get your photographs seen by people who buy your kind of work. Doesn’t matter whether it’s sports, fashion, portraits or weddings. You need customers to see your work. Designing or purchasing a good website is key.

But have you ever thought of adding podcasting? Lots of professional photographers are producing their own podcasts. Most are…let’s be charitable…awful. A few are terrific and I never miss an episode. If you’ve got something to say about photography (who hasn’t?) and your work, then you should consider podcasting as a way to separate yourself from the mob.

Fortunately for those of you who live in southern Ontario, we’re blessed to have one of the best teachers on podcasting living in Hamilton. Victoria Fenner is a former CBC radio producer and journalist who has been offering her podcasting workshops for some years now and she’s giving a new one on Saturday, May 23 in Hamilton.

Even if you’ve never held a microphone, this is one workshop not to miss.

I took one of Victoria’s workshops a couple of years ago and it was by far one of the best workshops on any subject that I’ve ever taken! Listen, I still tell stories to my students based on this one workshop. That’s how good it is and at $85 it’s a huge bargain.

By the way, the information in this workshop is equally applicable to putting really great audio into your online slide shows. Many professional photographers are starting to add audio they recorded on the site of their photo shoot. It’s so much more effective than some dumb background music.

Right after I took Victoria’s course I ran out and bought myself a decent (you can get one for as little as $200 that will work) digital recorder and an external microphone. I use it all the time.

Check out Victoria’s new website at

Here’s the information on Victoria’s workshop. Go sign up. Do it right now because she only takes a limited number (10) into each workshop.

Podcasting and Beyond
An Introduction to Multimedia on the Internet

Saturday May 23 10 am – 4 pm

Community Centre for Media Arts,

3 Rebecca St., Hamilton Ontario

One of the easiest ways to get started in multimedia production is by doing a podcast.  It’s a great way to get comfortable with the technology, develop interview and voicing skills and putting together a production from start to finish.

Podcasting and Beyond is a one day workshop to introduce you to the basics of podcast productions.  We’ll focus mostly on audio, and also on how to create simple visual and sound productions such as slideshows with easy soundtracks.  We’ll also talk about getting good sound for video .. because everybody knows what it’s like to look at pictures without hearing what the person on the screen is saying.
This hands-on, day long workshop will focus on:
* simple audio production techniques – recording and editing
* turning your idea into a story, interview or feature
* combining pictures with still photos (audio slideshows)
* getting good sound from your video camera
* getting your production out to the world via social media
Date:    Saturday, May 23, 2009
    10 am – 4 pm
Location:  Community Centre for Media Arts, 3 Rebecca Street,  Hamilton Ontario
Cost:    $85.00
enrollment limited to 10 people
Workshop Presenter:  Victoria Fenner
Victoria is a podcaster, radio producer, journalist and composer.  She has worked in radio and television broadcasting for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in various capacities – on air writer/broadcaster, production technician and producer, and with community media organizations in both Canada and the United States. Victoria is also a practicing artist working in creative sound and documentary production who is recognized by the Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council.  Her company, Sound Out Media, produces multimedia for the internet and provides training for organizations and people who want to explore emerging opportunities to produce and distribute their audio and video works.
Her new podcast The Roaming Ear can be heard on the Rabble Podcast Network –

Contact: Victoria Fenner

Sound Out Media



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