IV – Intravenous a “must see”

Oakville pro photographer and a senior instructor at Henry’s School of Imaging has his own one-man show at this year’s Contact photography festival taking place Michael Willems this month in Toronto.

Michael’s show “IV – Intravenous” is a show stopper. It’s graphic and tough to view but ultimately hopeful and successful. The show follows Michael as he documented a year in the life of two young people caught in the web of serious drug addiction.

Here’s a shot of Michael taken yesterday at the New Gallery, 906 Queen Street West. Admission is free (although Michael would be happy to receive any small donations to help continue his work and offset the cost of mounting the show. Part of each donation goes to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.) The show runs to May 10, everyday from 1pm to 6 pm.

I went down to Queen Street yesterday and visited several of the photography galleries in the area and I must say that Michael’s show was the best shot and the best laid out. Seems the Contact organizing committee said much the same thing to Michael when they dropped by to see IV.

When I visited Michael’s show the two young people he photographed were there as well. They’re both off drugs, look fabulous and getting on with their lives.

For more information about Michael here’s a link to his website: http://www.michaelwillems.ca/Home.html and here’s a link to the show: http://www.michaelwillems.ca/IV.html




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