NIK review

I’ve been meaning to do a comprehensive review of the NIK Software that I’ve been using for a couple of months now but to be honest, I’ve been having way too much fun using it to take the time to write the review. So here’s a link to a great review by the guy who does so much HDR photography and posts those fantastic images on his blog: Stuck In Customs.

In brief here’s my take on NIK software: Buy it!

And for those of you attending the Henry’s Photographic, Video and Digital Imaging Show coming this weekend (May 22, 23, 24) at the International Centre at 6900 Airport Road, Hall 5, Mississauga, Ontario, NIK Software folks will be giving a couple of free workshops.

I’ll be teaching everyday and I hope you’ll attend these free workshops. Admission to the show is $15 with children under 12 free. And, yes you can bring your camera into the show (and you should as there is a ton of stuff to shoot including live models if this year is like last year.

Here’s a quick look at how I use NIK Software:

Color Efex Pro: This is a big bunch of filter effects. I used golden glow on a bunch of shots I took at a formal dinner and dance that turned out amazing. The images seemed to take on a nostalgic effect. I’m experimenting with the other effects but I really like the brilliance/warm filter as it does just what it says to portraits.

Silver Efex Pro: I’ve only had time to use this once but it did an incredible job on a shot I took of a half-frozen river in Algonquin Park. Once I get it set just right I’m banging off a 16”X20” print. I’ve got a bunch of other black and white images to print and they’re all going through Silver Efex.

Sharpener Pro: This is a no-brainer. Use it and it sharpens your images. This is what some folks use to make their photos pop.

Viveza: this work just like NX Capture 2. It should as they come from the same company but what this software does is allow Photoshop and Lightroom folks to benefit from the control point technology. This control point stuff is way easier to use than layering in Photoshop. Here you just drag a point onto your image and then using the brightness, contrast and saturation controls you can change everything that’s the same colour or in the same circle.

Dfine 2.0 is really neat noise reduction software. You can reduce noise everywhere or just in certain areas. This is cool.

One more nice thing about NIK Software is it works on Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Color Efex Pro also works with NX Capture 2.

I know there’s lots of software out there and in other posts I’ve talked about what works and what doesn’t. This stuff from NIK rocks.

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