Easy Portrait Lighting

David Ziser, one of my favourite photographers and teachers has done it again!

You all know that when I’m teaching flash I show you how ugly direct flash looks and how important it is to bounce the flash off a ceiling or wall. Well David has a really short video that show you how great your images can look by bouncing your flash.

Here’s the link: http://www.viddler.com/explore/ziser/videos/85/

A couple of tips: I bet David used his exposure compensation control (You remember: the little square with the +/- signs) and turned down the exposure by a stop or maybe even two to get that dramatic looking sky. He might have turned up his flash a stop or so to get his model to really pop out of the photo.

Keep an eye on David Ziser’s site. He’s always putting up helpful videos on his Digital ProTalk website.


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