Tejada Small Strobe Workshop = Big Results

I keep telling my students that in addition to the Henry’s School of Imaging workshops that they should consider some advanced workshops to help them improve their images.

The David Tejada Small Strobes Big Results workshop is one I can personally highly recommend. I took it yesterday in Buffalo, NY and it was wonderful. Don’t believe me. Go to my photo site at www.peterwestphoto.ca and see for yourself. These are all photos I took myself thanks to David’s expertise and guidance. BTW if you want to register for a Tejada workshop don’t hesitate. I suspect they all sell out just like the Buffalo workshop.

So yesterday (Sunday) round 14 or 15 photographers from around the U.S. and a couple of us from Canada joined David and his partner Eric at Nickel City Studios which is home base for two really nice young wedding photographers Rich and Alyss who opened their home/studio to us. Thanks guys. You were great hosts and I neglected to thank you at the time. Here’s their Facebook page.

After a couple of hours of workshop instruction (aSpiritAwards-8nd following some great pizza) we were off to The Buffalo Central Terminal building. Opened in 1929 the building features a 17-story clock tower. The derelict art deco building has been abandoned for years but a new non-profit corporation “The Friends of the Buffalo Central Terminal” are restoring this magnificent structure.

So for the next five hours or so David walked us through a half a dozen different setups using a couple of really great models (Thanks Ann and Andrew) who couldn’t do enough to make us look like we were really great photographers.SpiritAwards-68

Now for anyone interested, this isn’t a course I’d recommend if you don’t know how your camera works. you should have a firm grasp of aperture and shutter speed controls as well as ISO and especially flash.

Here are links to David’s blog: http://www.davidtejada.blogspot.com/ 

and his web site: http://www.tejadaphoto.com/

And thanks to David. You’ve made me a much, much better photographer.


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