What others see


I’ve been working for some days now creating a list of Ontario-based wedding photographers. In doing so, I’ve been taking some time to visit the web sites and  I’ve come to a startling conclusion: Some wedding photographers are much better than others and I do mean much better. So what makes them so good? It’s a lot of little things but overall it comes down to ability “to see”.

These photographers can “see” something that eludes most of the rest of us. It’s more than just a moment. It’s certainly more than mere technique. It’s the ability to perceive something special and capture it in the camera.

Here are a couple of just wonderful Ontario wedding photographers:

Bassem Wahba: http://www.bassem.ca/home.html#/client/template.xml?aaa=home

Van Someren Photography: http://www.vansomeren.ca/index2.php?v=v1

Aren’t they terrific? If you want to take your wedding photography to the next step, I am going to be offering some “next step” wedding photography workshops for Ontario-based photographers. For more information contact me at peter@peterwest.ca .


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