Five biggest Internet photographers – It may not be who you think

The Photo District News has posted an interesting article on the five biggest Internet photographers (On the site the editors called the article “The Five Biggest Photographers…” which is an entirely different article.) and, with one exception, it may not include people who you think should be on the list.

First on the list is the exception.  David Hobby, who is much better known as The Strobist, has devoted his website devoted to the correct and artistic use of small flashes. It has an estimated readership of around 350,000.

Next up is fine-art photographer Rebekka Gudleifsdottir. This 31-year-old photographer has collected over six million views on her Flickr site that features her out-of-worldly photos of her beautiful self and her friends.

Noah Kalina had is six years of fame by posting a photo of himself everyday for six years on YouTube. Six years! And, I thought I was a little strange. Ah!

He calls himself The Becker and California wedding photographer Christopher Becker’s blog gets around 5,000 readers a day. His newest endeavour is an online wedding photography school.

Philadelphia’s Jim MacMillan’s authoritative old school style of online journalism has garnered him over 46,000 followers on Twitter. Gritty photojournalism at its best.


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