Bellies and babies

The Bellies and Babies workshops are getting rave reviews from their attendees and, best of all, they are coming to Canada in August and September. The program is designed for the newly emerging professional photographer who wants to create a successful pregnancy and baby’s first year portrait series for new mums and dads. The five-hour course focuses on marketing, customer service, posing and product templates. For those who can’t make the workshops, there is a DVD from the 2008 tour for sale as well.Bellies and Babies

So why am I going to bellies and babies? At 60 and male, I’m hardly the target audience.

It’s the marketing! I don’t expect I’ll ever be shooting anybody’s belly or their baby but marketing is marketing and from what I read, this workshop is filled with good ideas. It’s run by Sandy “Sam” Puc, the owner of Sandy Puc Portrait Design in Littleton, Colorado. Her bio says that she is known for her passion, energy and great enthusiasm. (Now who does that remind you of? See my Testimonial page for a clue.) So i just had to sign up for the Toronto workshop. And, here’s even more good news, the workshop costs just $79 (US).

Here’s the deal when it comes to these sort of workshops. This year I’ve attended a bunch of day and half-day photographic workshops. Without exception, I’ve learned new things about how to take photos, how to print photos and how to run a successful photography business. If you’re thinking of becoming a professional photographer, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the excellent workshops that are available to you.

Thanks to Sandy Puc for permission to use this lovely photo. Come to workshop and learn how you can create images just like this beauty.


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