Digital tablets

When it comes to using photo editing software like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom 2 just to name a few of the more popular options, it’s great to use a digital pad. And, when it comes to digital pads (also called tablets) the only name in town is WACOM. wacom_logo_nb_c These are the guys who produce the little Bamboo Fun (that includes a copy of Photoshop Elements) tablet that I recommend so highly.

So why a digital tablet? You’ll discover the answer for yourself the first time you try to draw out the whites of someone’s eyes using a standard mouse. It’s not easy but with a digital tablet (which comes with a simple digital pen), it’s a piece of cake. I use my Bamboo Fun all the time and I’m thinking about upgrading to their famous Intuos 4 tablet. (This is a link to an introductory video).

If you’re thinking about getting into photo editing, buying a WACOM digital tablet should be factored into your budget even if you’re just working on your own photos with no thought of going professional. If you are starting to shoot weddings. baby and maturity shots or professional portraits you owe it to yourself and your clients to do the best work you can in postproduction. A digital tablet is a must buy when you get to this level in your shooting. Don’t believe me, go ask any pro who is working full time whether or not they are using a digital tablet and then ask them which one. Bet I know the answer.

Here’s a link to WACOM’s online newsletter. Check them out. Good folks with a really great product. Highly recommended.



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