William Jefferson Clinton

I don’t often comment about news items on this blog but today I make an exception. I’m watching live TV from CNN of the return of two U.S. journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling following their release from North Korea. Their release was made possible by the direct intervention of former president Bill Clinton. President Clinton is known for many things and many of them not great but in this moment, in my eyes, this is a moment of complete redemption. The critics of this rescue, and that is what it is, are not only absolutely wrong in their comments they shame themselves in their own words.

This is a small bright, shining moment in what has been a long dark nightmare that lasted 140 days. President Bill Clinton has brought honour to himself and his nation. I am so impressed and happy with this wonderful outcome.


One thought on “William Jefferson Clinton

  1. No, Bill Clinton is incapable of bringing honor to this nation. He begged for some hostages to be let go. I’m glad they are free but he is not someone to be proud of. It’s too bad he didn’t kill bin Laden when he had the chance.

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