Capture NX2 better than Lightroom 2 for Nikon? – Yup!!

Or so says Joshua Philipp writing for The Epoch Times in a review published today. Philipp and I agree that Capture NX2 is one heck of a great photo editor when it comes to Nikon’s RAW format called NEF. Designed for use by Nikon shooters, NX2 is probably the best photo editor for NEF files and is even better than Lightroom 2 which is the current industry darling (and for good reason).

I use both editors plus I also have Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Elements (and the Complete Collection from NIK Software who were behind NX2. BTW the NIK software works with CS4, LR2 and PS Elements – cool; Bokeh by Alien Skin which blurs out your backgrounds, regardless of lens, just like the big boys (I include women pros here too) do with their expensive glass; and PictoColour Software’s  iCorrect Photoshop Plug-in) which David Ziser is so nuts over. I’ve got a copy of Corel’s Paint Shop Pro kicking around too.

So, if you’re a Nikon shooter, which software should you buy? If you’re interested in fine art, one-off type of photo editing I’d say go with NX2 (and get NIK’s Color Efex Pro 3 plug-in that works with it). You’ll be thrilled with the results. BTW go buy Jason Odell’s Capture NX2 PDF book. It will make learning NX2 a snap. (He’s got a new one out for NIK’s Silver Efex Pro (which is a must-have if you’re shooting black and white digital images).

If you’re a big volume shooter, and by that I mean you are regularly shooting 500 to 1,000 images on every job (like weddings) and you’re doing this a least a couple of times a month, then consider Lightroom 2. Why? Lightroom 2, in addition to being a great photo editor, is also a great database manager. You’ll never lose another image again.

Both pieces of software will take you some time to learn. But once you get the hang of it, they are easy to use. If you’re living in southern Ontario, I can help you find training workshops that will help you. For all of you, check out the online tutorials that are available for all this software.

BTW there’s a ton of great and not so great software out there. I’m hoping to try out Imagenomic’s Portraiture software sometime soon as well as some the stuff from a company called Totally Rad. There are at least a couple of really well-known wedding photographers who are using these filters to create some really nice looking images. You need a recent version of Photoshop to make these work. The Totally Rad guys have got a cool blog where they provide a ton of info about their product here:

So get out there and keep shooting and look for my fall line-up of workshops and talks at camera clubs in southern Ontario.

3 thoughts on “Capture NX2 better than Lightroom 2 for Nikon? – Yup!!

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  2. I agree, NX is much better with NEF files. However I find NX really slow. So slow I get tired of waiting and will settle for lesser results unless I need the extra punch.

    Wish Nikon would sell a plug-in for LR2!

  3. i’ve always loved cameras…. i’ve had many digital cams and always wanted a ptofessional digital camera… they were always really expensive and i never really knew which one i would buy when i had the money….well i saved up and did some research and at last decided to buy the Nikon D5100… i’m still learning how to use it well to get all the advantages it has to offer but its been a month and i’m sooo happy with this camera…i’ve found it very easy to use… i’ve gotten a couple of lens and well still learning… every time i grab it i’m like : wow i can do that? and i’m so amazed at the quality!!! lol i’m just overall exited!!!

    if anyone has any pointers for me or suggestios on how to use it or accessories i should get……PLEASE let me know!!!! i would really appreciate it!!!


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