I bought a Mac Book Pro :)

It’s been decades since I owned a Mac but now I’m the proud owner of 15″ Mac Book Pro. And, I’m impressed. I’ve been using Macs at Henry’s School of Imaging to do our Keynote slideshows so I’ve not had to set on up. Let me get to the point: what would have taken me 12 to 16 hours to do on the PC, the Mac did in an hour…without my help!

And, it found my hidden wireless network and asked me if I’d like to sign in. I would and did and the Mac set itself up.

I got a Mac Time Machine for $99 instead of $350 since I was buying a new Pro Book and again I’m very impressed. Now I’ve got collectively 3 terrabytes of memory storage sitting on my system.

I’m still doing my major photo editing on the PC (after all I’ve got two monitors, a HUGE graphics card, 3 gigs of memory and all the software in the world on these machines) but I am going to start migrating some of the software over to the Mac.

I’ll have more to say later but right now I’m having a blast getting reaquinted with Mac.


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