How to be like Lisa

I love this girl 🙂 Lisa Bettany is a Vancouver-based photographer (among other things) who I’ve blogged about in previous posts. So why am I talking about her again?

I get a lot of young women in my photography classes. They have bought themselves a decent DSLR camera and they are either starting to shoot professionally or really, really want to do so. They’re shooting weddings and babies and boyfriends and just about everything else that is in their world. They’ve got their kit lens and not much else than ambition and big dreams.

They’ve also got a million questions and I love to help them move forward in their thinking about how to realize their dreams. So this brings us to Lisa. Once known more for her drop-dead gorgeous good looks than her really good portrait photography, Lisa turned herself into a brand called “mostlylisa”.

Mostlylisa is great brand name IMHO. It captures the young woman’s spirit (which is a little wacky but fiercely intelligent and it’s this intelligence and willingness to use whatever talents and attributes she has to realize her dreams that so captures my heart when it comes to Lisa.)

I was never pretty. I was way too smart for my own good and my big mouth has got me into more trouble than good. When I started as a press photographer almost 40 years ago I was next to awful. I’m no longer young but I can always become a better photographer.

And that’s what Lisa has done. About a year and half ago I think she got some bad advice from somebody. Now I’m making all this up and it may have no relationship to reality but I think Lisa got told by some old foggy to “man up” and get more “professional” and drop the “wacky act” or else nobody will take her seriously. And so, I think (and remember this is my fantasy) that Lisa went off and got more serious.

Of course, from my perspective, she dropped off the face of the earth. But now she’s back on the radar (thanks to Twitter where her logo is a shot of her wearing a Viking helmet. Thus the wacky part.) and her posts and videos on her blog) and she’s setting the place on fire with her images,

Which finally bring me to the point of this little fiction and that’s the reality of her blog. In her most recent posting Lisa talks about how she got to be a better photographer. This is a must read for anyone who wants to join the ranks of the professionals. Lisa has figured it out. Her photography is getting better and better. I am expecting great things from her if she continues to work hard.

But Lisa doesn’t need me to tell her what to do. She’s has 12, 433 followers on Twitter who agree with me. Lisa you’re more than mostly okay in my book.


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