Big news about bellies and babies

SeemsCanada_Announcement Sam Puc of Sandy Puc’ Portrait Design has found a place for her September 2nd Bellies and Babbies Seminar coming to the Toronto area. Seems will be meeting at “Dave and Busters which is located at 120 Interchange Way in Vaughan. Doors open at 4pm and the seminar starts at 5 and goes to 10:30pm and yes I’ll be there. What! Yes it’s true. Grumpy old 60+ me will be there with all the youthful (and maybe not so youthful) baby and maternity photographers. And it’s not likely that my wife is going to let me loose in a studio with some young woman photographing her belly let alone her baby so why am I going? That’s easy to answer: Go check out the video endorsements that this workshop gets from the attendees. Now as a photography teacher myself I know that students are generally going to say nice things about you and your workshop. Afterall they’ve made an investment and it’s human nature to want to say that you got your money’s worth. But the recommendations the photographers make about this workshop made it a “must see” for me. I want to see what Sam does that gets people so fired up.

If there’s one thing that my students say about me, it’s how much they enjoy my passion for photography and my ability to make complex concepts simple. (And trust me I practiced hard to do this as many of my students especially those who signed up for a basic photography course from Henry’s School of Imaging come in scared to death that the workshop will be over their heads in complexity. And they start having a lot of fun around hour two when then realize they too can not only understand the content but will be able to use it to make themselves much better photographers.)

And that’s why I’m going to Bellies and Babbies 2009 workshop. I want to be a better photographer (and this learning will never end) and I want to be a better presenter. That’s what’s in it for me and as for the babies and bellies bit well…how bad could it be 🙂

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, don’t wait. This workshop looks like a winner.


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