Creative Lighting

Here’s a video by fashion photographer Baldomero Fernandez done for a company called Creative Lighting which is a real eye-opener on how to create amazing images with fairly simple studio lighting. This is an ad for Creative Lighting but it’s not over the top and is filled with great information that shows how to setup these studio shots.

For you emerging professionals, this is something to consider especially if you’re shooting for your own portfolio.rf-softboxes

You’ll need studio space (which some photography clubs provide) and a set of studio lights, softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors. And, oh yeah, you need a model and some idea of where you want to go with all this talent and equipment.

Down the road I’m going to get my hands on a softbox and stand and we’ll be offering workshops for advanced amateurs and emerging pros using this type of equipment. The Creative Light equipment looks pretty good. Here’s a link to a softbox pdf


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