Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

You may want to skip this post. it’s about an amazing group of photographers work in over 25 countries and who are doing something I don’t think I can or want to do.

These photographers are the volunteers of the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Foundation.

The foundation provides for volunteer photographers who, at the request of the family, who are expecting or experiencing the death of an infant. Again and always at the request of the parents, the volunteer photographer helps the parents to create a beautiful heirloom memory of their child.

I learned of the foundation at last night’s Bellies and Babies workshop held in Toronto by the amazing Sam Puc. I didn’t think much of it until I got talking with a young woman in the seat behind me. She’s a pretty new photographer but she had just volunteered and was waiting for the call to help preserve the memories of family in the midst of the greatest tragedy we can possibly experience.

Co-founded by Sandy (Sam) Puc this organization has about 25 volunteers already working in the Greater Toronto Area but they need more help from competent and caring professional photographers.

Now go and watch the foundation video. I’m watching it now as I type and my heart is in my throat. This is the saddest video I have ever watched but, for watching this alone, I am a better human being.

Go see for yourself.

And bless you Sam Puc.


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