Sam’s world lands on Toronto

Did you miss going to Bellies and Babies? Well, then you missed one of the premiere photographic events of the Toronto-area photographic 2009 season.

Sam Puc is a force of nature. She’s unique. She’s passionate. And she puts on one heck ofSandyPuc-headshot a show.

A photographer since the age of 17, Sam has been shooting babies – that sounds so wrong doesn’t it 🙂 – for well over 20 years and in that time she’s learned a thing or two about how to run a successful photography business.

How successful you might ask? Well she’s got 35 people employed at her Littleton, Colorado Expressions studio and personally shoots eight to 10 sessions a day, four days a week. Then she goes off on a world tour from February to May. i did the math and it comes out to pretty impressive numbers.

I’m not going to go on here forever because if you missed it, you missed it but Sam had her audience eating out of her hands. She demonstrated the way to shoot the classic baby shots (with a real baby and mom who got volunteered at the last minute) and was most generous in showing the predominately 30-year-old female (maybe 15 per cent of the audience were men) audience how to do it right.

The good news is you can buy the 2008 tour video for Image001$69. Now normally I stay away from buying stuff like this. Let’s face it: At $79 a ticket, Sam isn’t making a ton of cash. Now with a sold-out audience last night (I’d guess around 250) the cost at the door paid the bills but it’s the vendor and marketing stuff at the back of the room that creates the most capital.  And, like all these workshops there’s a lot of energy and time devoted to getting you to go to the back of the room. That’s fair.

Okay so what’s Sam got to offer? Well head on over to  Sam’s World University for information on how to create your own marketing campaign or visit the store and order the video.

Like I said I normally avoid the marketing hype but I bought the tour video and got a special discount on the teen tour video. So Sam’s got my $150 plus the cost of the ticket. So what did I get? I got my heck of night. I got a lot to think about. I got to meet one the best photographers currently working today. And, in a few days, I’ll have the video and of course I’ll tell you what I think of it.

It’s not as good as meeting Sam in person but it beats sitting at home wondering what your next step is going to be in developing your photographic business. So wait a few days and I’ll give you a review.

Finally, more good news: Sam says she’s coming back to Canada and she does show Buffalo (It’s a short 90 minute drive from Toronto) on April 7th.

So, GO SEE SAM and you too can become part of Sam’s world (it’s a pretty nice place to be IMHO).

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