How to get way better images

First: Take some lessons.

You took driving lessons didn’t you? Did you take a few guitar or piano lessons in your youth? How about swimming lessons or did Dad just throw you into the deep end?

So why should photography be any different?

Well it does look easy, doesn’t it? You buy a big honking digital single-lens reflex and you shoot on automatic and that should do it right?

And what do you see? Oh oh.

Want to see images like these photographers?

Jess and Brett are Cincinnati, Ohio –based wedding and portrait photographers and they’re terrific. I got to their site from bobbi+mike’s site (I’ve got Google Reader pushing about 500 photo sites at me every morning. I scan the headlines looking for interesting items about photography.)

Now I don’t know if these guys ever took a lesson in their lives but I do know that every image I see on their wonderful web sites and blogs are easily duplicated if you know how. And that includes the gentle application of photo editing software and filters to enhance the look of some of their images.

Want to know more? Check out my new site (in partnership with the excellent Toronto-based photographer Michael Willems) at Here we’re offering no-nonsense, practical and down-right wonderful instruction into all aspects of digital photography.

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