So you want to shoot video do you?

I teach a class in video basics at Henry’s School of Imaging here in Ontario. Lots of folks buy digital camcorders to they can record the memorable moments in their lives. Most folks are content to capture some moving images to send to Grandma or put on You-Tube but for those who want to take the next step in creating truly wonderful short videos here are a couple of great videographers who can show you how.

BenBurb Video Productions has lots of great clips. (Here’s a tip: Notice how most of the video being shot is static. That is the camera doesn’t move. Humm.) You’ll want a fast broadband connection to view the videos

On the other hand, Philip Bloom’s site shows lots of camera movement. Check out the video called Dublin’s People. One of the devices Philip uses (which he talks about in his blog) is called a Tactical Shooter. At $1,176 it’s way more than the average amateur will shell out but for semi-pro and pro work it’s essential. he also uses an optical finder called a Z-Finder at $395 which helps DSLR video shooters properly frame and focus the images they’re shoot.


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