At her command

“At her command, fire erupted and rain fell.”

– James Bradshaw quoting The Times in today’s article in The Globe and Mail on the sad state of the affairs of photographer Annie Leibovitz.Annie Leibovitz

She’s the photographer who best recorded the history of the wealthy and famous over the last 20 plus years. Photographer-on-call to such noted publications as Vanity Fair and The Rolling Stone, Annie Leibovitz has shot portraits that will last in pop culture for as long as their are ways to display them.

Unfortunately, Annie may find she owns none of the images she’s shot and may well not own any future images either. Seems the creator of iconic images has also created one heck of a financial mess for herself as she is now in default of a $24-million loan. And, yes you read that right: $24 million.

BTW if you’d like Annie to drop by to shoot the family portrait her fee is currently set at $100,000. After today, you might be able to get a slight break on the price. And, then again, maybe not.


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