Do you need a digital tablet with LR2?

Photoshop was the application that made the digital tablet the must-have peripheral device for photographers. Then came the fabulouos Lightroom 2 which didn’t use as much pressure-sensitive commands and a question arose about whether a digital tablet was such a necessity.

I was going to write up a review of WACOM’s terrific Intous4 tablet but somebody beat me to it.wacom_intuos4-521x400 Scott Kelby has been inviting noted photographers to guest on his blogsite. Today’s photographer is Wes Maggio and he’s got lots of nice things to say about Lightroom 2 and the use of the WACOM digital tablet.

For those of you just getting started in editing your own photos, I recommend the WACOM Bamboo Fun digital tablet as it comes with Photoshop Elements included for around $130 at Henry’s Cameras. I used the Bamboo Fun for about a year before I got an Intous4 which is larger and offers different digital pen nibs.

As far as I’m concerned, if you do any photo editing at all, you’ll love using a digital tablet like the Bamboo or Intous4. Here’s why: Most photo editing like cropping or simple editing is easy with a mouse (and the digital tablet comes with one too) but edits like whitening a subject’s eyes or teeth where you have to draw around the white parts are really tough to do with a mouse and really easy with a digital pen. A digital tablet makes this kind of editing or the editing of portraits where you want to fix some minor blemishes or reduce some age lines, it’s easy with a digital pen.

Here’s Wes Maggio’s post at Scott Kelby’s blog about the use of digital tablets.


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