I’ve gone Mac Mad

Yes it’s true. After being in the PC world for the last 20 years I’ve gone back to the Mac and I wonder what took me so long. First the MacBook Pro comes with just about everything you need (with the exception of Lightroom 2 and maybe Photoshop CS4). My MacBook is driving a BIG RGB external screen and I’ve got my wonderful WACOM Intous4 digital tablet attached along with a half a dozen other USB devices. Everything is running really well and really, really fast in comparison to my old PC system. Now I’ve still got a PC sitting in the corner on my amateur radio station (in Ham radio it’s still a PC world) but it’s gathering dust.

Now if I can just get Adobe to answer the phone (I’ve been on hold for almost 3 hours – a new record) I’ll transfer my CS4 license to the Mac platform. That is if I don’t run out screamingly mad from the elevator music coming over my phone as I await the good folks at Adobe.


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