Why Henry’s Cameras?

This afternoon I went into a very well known camera store that says it services the professional and advanced amateur photographers in the Greater Toronto Area. Nice big store in a big warehouse type strip-mall. Clean. Bright. Lots of stuff and plenty of staff. But do you know what was missing? Nobody and I mean nobody said “hello” or “can we help you” or “nice day out there”. And I tried to get somebody to say something. I hung around the computer terminals where several of the staff were busy typing. I went around to the pro section and nobody even glanced up. This is appalling behaviour from the sales staff. After about 10 minutes I left.

That’s one of the reasons I buy almost all of my photographic equipment and supplies from Henry’s Cameras.  And I’ve been doing so since the early 70s.

Look let’s be honest. Henry’s has about a dozen stores scattered across the GTA and your mileage may vary but I bet 99% of the time when you walk in somebody behind the counter will at least say “Hi”. And okay for full disclosure purposes I do teach at Henry’s School of Imaging but really folks what does it take to say “Can we help you?” I’m always greeted warmly at every Henry’s store and I go to them all (the School of Imaging uses the staff training rooms for their classes). Can’t say that about the other guys.


2 thoughts on “Why Henry’s Cameras?

  1. Ah yes, I know what store that was. No “Hello” there, indeed. Yes, I agree with these observations. The personal touch is very important, and Henry’s deliver that in droves. And it’s worth a lot.

  2. I look at it completely different. I don’t want to be bothered by the sales people. If I need help, I will ask for help. In general, I find the henry’s people pushy and not very knowledgable (with some exceptions of course). But again, that’s just my personal opinion 🙂

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